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The Vehicle Dealership Dilemma
A key problem for vehicle dealerships is that they typically use many disparate solutions across 25 different categories of software solutions and over 700 vendor’s software within those categories to run their business.

Quorum Solves the Dealership Dilemma
Quorum offers integrated, innovative and robust Software Technology Solutions and Services to Traditional and Electric Vehicle Dealerships and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) across North America.

Implemented on their own, Quorum’s solutions and services allow dealership customers to drive greater results at less cost than using the competition. When integrated with other Quorum solutions the Quorum product suite delivers escalating synergy and expanding value to its dealership customers.

Long Growth Runway
Quorum is indispensable to its dealership clients and boast a long growth runway. The Quorum team is focused on expanding the number of Quorum solutions utilized by its existing customers, developing additional new and innovative products, and targeting highly synergistic solutions for potential partnership or acquisition.

Proven Track Record of Delivering Results
Quorum has a proven track record and history of delivering operational and financial results with the balance sheet strength and management experience to deliver on growth plans.

Recurring Revenue Model
Quorum’s revenues are primarily SaaS-based monthly recurring revenues.

Quorum Information Technologies trades on the TSX Venture exchange under the symbol QIS.

Product Vision + History

Quorum’s Product Vision:
To build a single, integrated, end-to-end business process solution for North American automotive dealerships that covers all of their business-critical processes.

The genesis of Quorum’s product vision was a recognition of the changing landscape in the automotive dealer market with more dealerships being acquired by larger dealer groups, as well as an in-depth understanding of the numerous disparate products that Quorum’s customers purchase from a variety of third-party providers.

2017 Autovance Acquisition
Quorum began delivering on its product vision in August 2017 with its acquisition of Autovance Technologies Inc., which provides sales desking solutions (and digital retailing solutions?) to help dealerships seamlessly present payment, lease and financing information to customers in person (and online?).

2018 DealerMine Acquisition
In October 2018, Quorum completed the transformative acquisition of DealerMine Inc. The DealerMine acquisition significantly accelerated Quorum’s strategic vision to be a full-service provider to automotive dealerships by adding DealerMine’s Service CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Sales CRM and call centre services, otherwise known as the Business Development Centre (BDC).

2022 Accessible Accessories Acquisition
On April 1, 2022, Quorum acquired Accessible Accessories Ltd., headquartered in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. Accessible develops, implements, and supports its web-based platform that allows franchised dealerships to sell accessories more effectively. With over 680 automotive franchised dealership customers across Canada at time of acquisition, Accessible is a growing business with a proven team and a large customer base of very successful dealerships.

2023 VINN Automotive Technologies Limited Acquisition
Quorum welcomed another incredible brand June 23 2023, completing the acquisition with VINN Automotive Technologies Limited. This has expanded Quorum's reach into the Business to Consumer (B2C) market as VINN is a premier automotive marketplace that streamlines the vehicle research and purchase process for vehicle shoppers while helping retailers sell more efficiently. VINN provides a 5-star Google rated concierge service that assists consumers through the complex vehicle sales process.

OEM Integration Continues
Quorum’s all vehicle-makes certification strategy is to build integration and achieve certifications with vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across its full product suite. To date, Quorum has completed ntegration with OEMs representing 18 different automotive brands in Canada and 13 different automotive brands in the US.

Founder’s History
Quorum Information Technologies was founded by current President and Chief Executive Officer, Maury Marks and his partners in 1996. Growing up in rural Alberta, Maury worked in his family’s General Motors automotive dealership and has been around the automotive retailing industry all of his life.

Taking a break from the family business to attend University, Maury earned a Bachelor of Management (with Distinction) from the University of Lethbridge in Alberta in 1988, and in 1991 he received his Chartered ccountant’s designation after articling with Deloitte and Touche in Calgary.

In 1992 Maury began his own practice of technology consulting for small businesses. It was during this time that his family turned to him to find a new dealer management system for their dealership. Having thoroughly valuated the market he concluded that the industry had largely stagnated and the idea for forming Quorum was conceived. Maury and his partners founded Quorum in 1996.


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